Our first post.

Portrait, Family and Event Photographer Daniela Rey |NielaPhotography.com

Here we are. On the first day of this story. Who knows where it will go. But we sure hope far.

A little about me. My name is Daniela, I am a Colombian photographer and graphic designer living in Los Angeles, CA. I am a single mother to a little 3 year old girl and we live in a one bedroom apartment with very little space, lots of light, lots of plants and the sweetest landlords.

I currently work at a marketing agency doing graphic design. I love my job. I love designing.I love my relatively stress free graphic design job where I get to be creative for 8 hours a day, turn my computer off and go home with no work in mind. I have enjoyed this type of work most of my work life, and I know I could continue to do so for much longer.

So why am I doing this? Why am I choosing to go through the stress of starting a company on my own?

Because why not!

The idea of this business began to grow sometime late 2015 after touring schools for my daughter. Yes, maybe a little early, but I wanted to get a good idea for what is out there. What options we had, how much I needed to make in order to afford each option, and when it was time to apply.

Unfortunately my research proved hopeless. Public schools don’t seem to make the cut, but I don’t make the cut (financially) for the private ones. Eventually I put a pause on the searching, rested in knowing I still have some time, and decided to revisit it later.

I have a thought I try to abide by. It is that if I don’t know what to do, I shouldn’t do anything. So no decision was made regarding schools, but I did happen to fall deeply in love with one. One I keep in the back of my mind and has inspired me to see my possibilities with more creativity.

You know that say: Necessity is the mother of invention. Well, the need to afford a school I love is really sparking some interesting ideas around here.

Join me while┬áin exploring them why don’t you.

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