We have a logo.


We do! It’s pretty simple. But after trying a few options this one really spoke to me and what I want to communicate.

Being a graphic designer comes handy when starting up. There are graphic designers with more talent than me for sure. And it isn’t easy to slow down and design when there are so many other things to think about in terms of starting a business. But I love the idea of creating this baby on my own, and it is certainly saving me a lot of money!

I made a few lists before starting the design process. This lists helped me narrow down some of the feelings and ideas I want my brand to communicate.

Words like:

best friend with a camera, helpful, supportive, understanding, friendly, fun, sensitive, empathetic, reliable, easy, personable

In other words. My goal with Picsea is to become mom and dad’s best friend with a camera. Someone who stops by once a month to say hi and witness how life looks like at the time. A friend who happens to be a professional photographer and who also so happens to have brought her camera with her. So she snaps some photos for an hour or so. Photos that will document that moment in time, so parents can look back later on, when things have changed and life has moved on.

I imagine those house visits – aka photo sessions – to be friendly, laid back and comfortable. I don’t imagine mom having to dress up, put makeup on, or even shower! I imagine moving things around a little to find the best light, taking beautiful images of baby at that age, maybe some with mom and/or dad if they are up for it that month, and all done.

So there came the logo. In a friendly font and a laid back all lower case look. What do you think?

In case anyone wants to know. The font is called Pacifico and can be downloaded here. I made small adjustments to it so it would flow better. But it is a beautiful font as-is!


Now about the icon. I’m not crazy about having a logo with an icon beside it. It looks a little bit old style to me. BUT, it’s still nice to have one to use here and there. For example as profile images in social media accounts. I made two, and can’t decide which to use.


The boat I love. It goes with the “sea” part of the name and looks like a child’s toy which seems appropriate. The flower looks a little like the shutter of a camera which can also be a good idea. I like both, and cannot pick one.

Which is your favorite and why?

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