What is Picsea.


Hello again! If you read the last post you are probably wondering what is this business all about.

So you need the elevator pitch. And I don’t have one.

Elevator pitches aren’t easy. And I am not a writer. English isn’t even my first language.

But here it goes.

Picsea is a monthly subscription for new parents, where a photographer goes to their house once a month to capture baby’s growth.

See, here’s the back story. As I said before, I am a mother to a little girl. When Amelie was born, along came the birth of me as a mother. And being a mother is a pretty big deal.

When Amelie was born I couldn’t believe how incredibly tiny and vulnerable she was. A week in she got her first (of many) colds. She was so congested that during a breastfeeding session she choked and some milk went to her lungs. She couldn’t breath and I just froze. She went purple and limp and I held her, yelling, unable to do anything else. I froze when she needed me the most.

Thankfully Chad (Amelie’s dad) was beside me. He picked her up, belly side down, with the head lower than the rest and hit her in the back hard. Twice. And then we heard the cry. She was back. And she wanted to feed. Like if nothing had happened.

The doctor and some X-Rays proved there was milk in her lungs that needed to be removed.

Chad and I took an infant CPR and first aid course so we could be better prepared in the future. It paid off a few months later when she choked on a grape and Chad wasn’t beside us to help. I had to hit her more than 5 times for it to move and let her breath. It was terrifying. Needless to say I never let her eat full grapes again. I should have known better.

All this to say that very early on I realized how precious having a little baby was, and how important it was to not take it for granted. It filled me with fear at first, until slowly all those hormones and emotions slowed down. The fear has never gone away, but it has certainly become more manageable. I never forgot the lesson to value every moment with her. Even when everything goes well, every second with a baby is so unique. They change so much and so quickly.

They stop being babies so soon.

Here’s the catch. Having a baby at home is one of the most unsettling, stressful, and exhausting jobs you’ll ever have. They need you for everything and for the first few months, they give nothing in return for all the hard work you put in. Taking a shower can take more planning than making a seven course meal.

So how can you really take it all in, and enjoy this months, when they are so difficult?

You can’t.

You can enjoy some moments. You better do. But you’ll be so deep in caring for your beautiful, sweet, demanding bundle of tears, that it won’t be possible to step out and see this time for what it is. A lovely, emotional, short period in your and baby’s life.

Here’s where being a photographer came in handy.



I wanted the Pinterest photos so badly. Have you seen them? Where they show the baby every month in almost the same position so you can really see how much they change and grow.

Seeing Amelie grow so fast broke my heart. It was a blessing to be able to sleep through the night when we finally did, to stop pumping at work when she stopped breastfeeding, and to stop buying and changing diapers when she learned to use the toilet. All great steps. But also sad ones as they meant my baby wasn’t a baby any more, and every day she became more and more independent from me. I have so many conflicting thoughts about all of this.

The photos I took during those first months became my treasure. They are proof of who we were then and they capture who we became month by month. The remind me of those intense days, when I lived entirely for her, and how I managed to single-handedly keep her alive and give her the best I had so she could grow strong and happy.


Those photos are all I have of my baby. Because my baby isn’t any more.

This girl is now a child. An independent, weaned, self spoken, potty trained, confident and energetic child. One who needs of me less and less every passing day.

I know I will cherish what I have left of those days forever. And I think she will enjoy those memories too, one day, when she is old enough to grasp what they even mean.

This is where Picsea comes into play.

I love the idea of helping other parents hold on to those first months with photos. They are too overwhelmed to think about it, but I can help.


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