Domain. Check.


It is 2016. In the US people have been coming up with business names for over 2 centuries and buying domains to match those names for more than 20 years.

It isn’t surprising, that after doing your research and narrowing down a name for your business that isn’t already taken, the chances of being able to match it with a .com are slim. Unless you come up with a fully made up name. You know, like Kodak or Xerox … words that seem to have come straight from outer space.

So it didn’t surprise me when both and .net where not available.

Fortunately neither is active which makes it easier for me since I am not fighting to rank higher with another Picsea around. In fact, both domains are available for purchase by whoever owns each. I don’t even know how much they are charging, because I can imagine I won’t be willing to pay their asking price.

So here comes .co.

The new trending solution for startups. Short. Memorable. Clearly branding Picsea as a COmpany. And accidentally labeling my future website with the first two letters of my beautiful country. COLOMBIA.

So there you have it. We have a URL! Now to create a website.

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