Brand guidelines.


Now that the logo is ready I’ve created some simple brand guidelines. These help me have a better idea of how I want things to look like when designing for Picsea. As well as being a step towards getting to know this brand’s personality and how it will interact with it’s customers and employees.

I’m a visual person. If you are too then this might make some sense

I’m wanting a slightly more lifestyle,  grown-up, feel to the brand, than the cozy, sweet feel of baby pictures. I want this because I want to create a brand that I like as a person, not just as a mother.

This has really made me wonder lately …

Perhaps starting this company is a way to detach a little from my identity as a mother? Maybe a way to find myself now that I have this motherhood thing somewhat down, and I am back to feeling drive for more in life than my sweet baby.

Interesting timing.

It’s like potty “learning” has tough us more than Amelie’s new bathroom behavior. Maybe it has opened my eyes to reality a bit. And the reality is that Amelie is an independent entity. Specifically independent from me. And as much as I find pleasure in claiming responsibility for her entire existence up until now, I am coming to terms with the fact that I need more than that in my life, and that the time will come when I won’t even count on the blessing of this responsibility.

So maybe I’m finding my identity as a person while I explore Picsea’s identity as a brand?Something like graphic design therapy I suppose.

Pretty perfect for a Graphic Designer wouldn’t you say?

But back to the brand guidelines: looking for a more lifestyle/grown-up feel to this brand is the reason why I didn’t pull from my own baby photos as the inspiration pieces on the brand board below.

Still, I picked images matching my photography style, so in my eyes they align perfectly with Picsea’s product.

The photos, in case anyone is wondering are from the amazing Death to the Stock Photo. Scrolling through that site has really helped me iron down the aesthetic of Picsea as a brand.

Truly amazing inspiration tool for designers.



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